New Season: The Launch of SucroseBE

New Season: The Launch of SucroseBE


As we prepare to launch Sucrose Body Essentials, we reflect on the days where dreams were merely figments of our thoughts - Hope, near yet far from our hearts and faith spoken yet stagnant at a cost. 

We reflect on the days when our closest friends were our biggest supporters, yet in a new season - our biggest 'frenemies'. 

The Lord gave us a gift, from thence a craft birthed, leading to its existence in an unfulfilled world. 

Many believers shout 'we need more Kingdom businesses', yet many are afraid to work and endorse comfortability while neglecting purpose. 

The world says, 'many are called but few are chosen', God says for all are chosen, few answer the call. 

Here we are, answering the call; providing an answer to a problem - terrible customer service and sales consuming of failed promises are just a few to name. 

Sucrose is merely an action of exercised faith and trust in The One who has given us the craft. 

Sucrose Body Essentials, 

Where Inner and Outer Beauty Interlace

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